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This year, Total Solutions delivered 39 full qualification courses plus a number of individual accredited units and 220 short courses, with a total of approximately 420 days of training. Our Workforce team undertook 38 industrial relations audits across Queensland, identifying tens of millions of dollars in savings for councils.

Total Solutions provides a wide range of specialised local government training and consulting services to our member councils on a fee-for-service basis.

We have had another very successful year with significant growth in many areas of our business with an overall increase in revenue of 34 per cent. Over the past year we trained almost 4000 council staff, double that of the previous year. Across training and consulting, Total Solutions worked with all 77 councils during the year.

Total Solutions continues to work co-operatively with our council members to deliver relevant and effective training to meet their needs. During 2015-2016, we continued our on-site visits to councils to understand their specific needs and skills gaps, meeting with 39 councils. In response to this, we developed a number of new nationally recognised courses including the Diploma of Leadership and Management, short course topics including Deliver and Assess in the Workplace, and several animal management courses, Issuing of Infringement Notices, Local Government Worker, Effective Delegation and Performance Management. Public courses were offered at 27 different locations and combined with in-house courses, we delivered training at 45 different locations around the state. 

Our online training services continue to grow and during 2015-16 we released two new e-learning courses, Authorised Persons and Local Government Worker, both of which have been very popular with councils. We are continuing to develop tailored courses to suit Queensland councils and will release more in the coming year. A total of around 22,000 courses were delivered to council employees via our eLearning platforms, providing councils with a cost-effective solution to their training requirements.

Our Workforce team has grown during the year with more and more councils appreciating the expertise we offer the local government sector and the value for money we deliver. During the year we undertook 28 independent investigations and provided advice on many hundreds of workforce matters to councils. Workforce also provided a wide range of general HR advice to councils, including an increasing demand for CEO performance reviews. Workforce undertook 38 industrial relations audits across Queensland identifying tens of millions of dollars in savings for councils. The team also continued to provide expert representation for councils in industrial matters before the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Total Solutions has continued to provide a wide range of financial and regulatory services to a range of councils including provision of internal audit services to 10 councils, Audit Committee members for three councils and delivery of templates and workshops for fraud management on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

Recruitment services expanded significantly during the year, undertaking seven CEO recruitments and a number of senior executive recruitment processes, as well as providing part services to support councils on a range of other recruitments. We also provided councils with short-term contractors across a range of roles and undertook independent executive salary reviews for councils.