Local Government Workcare (LGW) is a joint undertaking by Queensland councils, council-controlled entities and the LGAQ to hold a workers compensation self-insurance licence.

Scheme members are provided with full workers’ compensation cover and pro-active claims management, injury management and injury prevention services. LGW seeks to maintain a more stable and predictable cost environment, and directly assist members to reduce the incidence and cost of workplace injuries.

2015/16 was another strong year for the self-insurance scheme. Continuation of the favourable claims environment and effective management of claim costs will produce another sound operating result.

The overall position once again enabled the LGW Management Committee and the LGAQ to return surplus funds to members.

A total of $3 million was returned to members in 2016.

Taking into account the $2 million surplus distribution in 2015, the total of surplus funds distributed by LGW since its inception in 1998 is $17.4 million.

LGW has continued to support members enhance their workplace health and safety management processes.