Local Buy Local Buy

Local Buy had another successful year in 2015/16, returning a solid dividend back to the LGAQ.

Phil Spencer and Bill Simpson resigned from the Board during this financial year and were replaced by Teresa Handicott and Leanne Muller. David Foster has also been appointed to the Board. Ian Leckenby remains as Chairman and Daryl Hitzman and Brent Reeman are the remaining members.

Local Buy has continued to develop contracts for local governments and other government entities and not-for-profits to access. A contract for solar panels and batteries has been formulated and we are also currently scoping a new contract for waste management which will be developed in conjunction with some of the other states. At a national level, we are also investigating a hardware products contract. Local Buy has also renewed a range of existing contracts to ensure they are contemporary and meeting the modern needs of the local government industry.

Internally, Local Buy made the move to a cloud-based platform which required considerable resourcing, but has made for easier access for our employees based in Townsville and on the Sunshine Coast, as well as enhanced functionality and access to our system when we are travelling the length and breadth of the state.

Local Buy has continued to be represented at a range of local government conferences. A major highlight was a trip in the Gulf with Telstra, LGIA Super and other local government bodies to visit remote and Indigenous councils in May.

Other services offered by Local Buy have experienced an increase in demand in the past year, not just by local governments in Queensland but also by the State Government. Our Probity Advisory service was taken up by the Department of Transport and Main Roads for several projects, and councils across Queensland have tapped into this service for larger or more complex projects.

We are also undertaking reviews of procurement procedure and policies across a number of councils.