GM's Update

A $500,000 six-week campaign aired in late September and early October 2015 and included advertising on catch-up TV services as well as free-to-air channels, resulting in over 24.6 million audience impressions.

The 2015-16 year has seen the continuing evolution of several long-standing projects as well as the delivery of some new initiatives.

In terms of new initiatives most were centred upon our support for the local government quadrennial elections in March, which featured:

  • Election night tally room: live analysis and insights as to election trends
  • Elected member kits: personalised compendiums for all elected members and CEOs containing useful resources and information. For the first time innovative auto-play video cards were included in the kits
  • Elected Member Updates (EMUs): two-day elected member regional training programs designed to complement local inductions
  • Mayoral Mentors: the appointment of former mayors Bob Abbot, Wayne Kratzmann and Peter Maguire to provide personal support to newly elected and returning mayors
  • Disaster management kits: resources for chairs, deputy chairs and local disaster coordinators of local disaster management groups and
  • Financial leadership workshops: two regional workshops delivered in partnership with King & Company and Queensland Treasury Corporation to assist new mayors in the preparation of their council’s first budget.

New tools developed for councils included:

  • Delegations register: a beta version of a newly developed online delegations register was provided freely to subscribers of the Legislation Compliance Service
  • Playbook:  a user guide to the full spectrum of products and services available to members via the LGAQ and its subsidiaries and
  • Declaration cards: updated declaration cards were provided free to all elected members and CEOs as a component of the elected member kits.

In addition to these activities work continued on the Better Councils, Better Communities initiative.  Key project milestones included:

Television commercial: a $500,000 six-week campaign aired in late September and early October 2015 and included advertising on catch-up TV services as well as free-to-air channels, resulting in over 24.6 million audience impressions 

Ready.Set.Go: three additional project phases were completed with additional data sets being added and all data sets being updated with 2014/15 financial year data and

The Big Three: in parallel with the Better Councils, Better Communities initiative, the Big Three campaign aimed to focus attention on three council performance domains being Our Business, Our People & Our Story. Elements of the campaign were reflected in the EMU program and resource materials for elected members.

In other work, Assist also drafted the LGAQ Media & Communications Strategy 2020, the LGAQ Digital Member Services Strategy 2020 and the LGAQ Disaster Management Framework, all of which detail a range of new initiatives and major projects for this year and the years ahead.

Assist also acquired the web services function from Resolute IT in August 2015, allowing for the consolidation of all member web services for the Council Business Centre (CBC) and LG Online within the one team. This has resulted in improved customer service outcomes and, importantly, lower costs for members.

The Member Services Centre (MSC) took a record number of enquiries, boosted specifically through the enterprise-level support it now provides to Local Buy and Local Government Infrastructure Services (LGIS). MSC is also pioneering the implementation of the LGAQ’s new customer relationship management (CRM) software identifying ways to further improve members’ experience through better support. 

We continued to provide advice, guidance, information, support, tools and resources. All up, we’ve got members covered.

Glen Beckett
General Manager - Assist